Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Day in the Louisiana Senate

On Tuesday I took a trip to Baton Rouge to the State Capitol to open the afternoon Senate Session in prayer. It was a great honor to be invited and to represent our church. I was introduced by Senator Mike Walsworth who is the State Senator for our district. Senator Walsworth is a fine Christian man whom I first met back in October when he visited our church along with Governor Jindal. Mike is one of many Christians serving in our State Senate & I was pleased to hear of the strong Christian presence in the Senate.

In the Louisiana Senate no official business can take place until after the opening prayer & pledge of allegiance. A group of chaplains who work for PRC Compassion make the arrangements for pastors to come & pray in the Senate. I look forward for more opportunities in the future to be involved in helping pray for & support our state government. I look forward for future opportunities to attend Senate sessions and to get to know better the men & women who serve in our state government.

I was a bit nervous praying in such a formal setting but I hope my ministry was well received. They ask us to limit our prayer to 3 minutes & though many doubted my ability to do so, I concluded my prayer in 1 minute & 7 seconds. I figured most would forget the words I prayed, but I bet they will remember it was brief. You can actually watch the video here. (Click on the "Chamber" video link for part 1 on May 25th).


Makati Directory said...

Sounds like a fun experience. I remember when I was much younger taking trips to see the state senate. Good write up, I'll check this blog out again.


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