Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Fun

The summer is off to a HOT start already. We keep looking to meeting Spring, but she passed by so fast we never got more than a glimpse of her. Having a little boy means spending lots of time outside, rain or shine. We've already had so much fun & we're just getting started. Here's some random pics from the last couple of months. Enjoying a popsicle after playing in the hot sun. (Thanks Aunt Stephanie)

Uncle Danny took us for a ride w/ Cousin Kara in the tractor bucket.
He LOVES tractors, "dig digs," lawnmowers, etc. Uncle Danny scored serious points by having his very own tractor & getting to ride in the driver's seat.

Random pic showing off mommy's shades!
I've also got a good helper when it comes to washing the car. I was using both hands so he had to hold onto my wrist to stay close to daddy while mommy sprayed the water & took pics.

Anything involving water is also a big hit. Swimming, washing the car, & even playing in the rain. We got caught in a random afternoon shower & he decided it wasn't time to come in so we played in the pouring down rain.
"Oh no, I'm getting soaked!"
Very proud to have the water hose (whatever good that does in a rain storm)


Calgaroo said...

I absolutely love your photos..they are gorgeous..

Pak U Tube ( Admin) said...

So Cute

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QPT said...

Chris,you are having a lovely helper for car cleaning!!!
Cute lovely pictures!!!

Samiran Dhali said...

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Dimond mine said...

Sweet baby--

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