Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching Up

After a "blogging vacation" I'm back in the groove. We've since moved into a house we bought & so our time moving, unpacking, & travelling has consumed the last month or so of our lives. We're having a blast enjoying the summer as we gear up for what hopes to be a high impact ministry for the Fall Semester. I was sorting through some pics of the last couple of months & wanted to share some. Our boy is almost 10 months old...wow. He's crawling (army style), pulling up on everything & thinks he's ready to walk but he doesn't understand his legs don't work that good yet. Just chillin' w/ that goofy grin on his face.
His 1st swimming pool, though when he gets in the big pool he already thinks he's a fish.
Before he started pulling up & hanging over the edge of the crib (which we've since lowered to the lowest level) we would find him like this after a nap or in the morning. He was looking to see when someone was going to let him out of prison.
Already into everything. He thinks it's cool he can crawl across the coffee table & as you can see the spit up doesn't slow him down.
We participated in our church's Parent Commitment Service on Mother's Day.
Another shot from under the table.
He doesn't know how to ride it yet, but enjoys sitting on his car & always looks cool in his sunglasses.
Big sister Molly still isn't real fond of him yet, especially now that he's mobile but we were able to get this rare shot before she abandon's ship. If Molly only knew how much he loved her & how excited she gets when he sees her she would treat him nicer.
Sea Creatures outfit wouldn't be complete w/o the hat (with the bill that is impossible to shape right).
Our happy boy playing w/ all his toys. This is a rare shot b/c after sitting a few seconds he's on his belly & off to something he's not supposed to have.